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Campaign For Real Events is a voluntary group providing demonstrations of DIY renewable energy and recycling, and 'alt tech' for art projects and education.

We started with homemade 12 Volt PA equipment for street performances in the 80's, inspired by Welfare State International and the Mutoid Waste Company.
In the mid 90's we developed pedal powered PA systems of increasing size which were used for small festival stages and Council street events. Although the pedal generators are our own designs, much respect is due to Rinky Dink and Bill Wright for showing what was possible.
More recent projects include Children's Pedal Generators, Lantern Processions powered by renewable energy and workshops on making miniature generators from computer printer motors.

Though we use some commercial wind generators and solar panels, most of our equipment is made from items recycled from scrapped cars, domestic appliances, furniture, bicycles and computers. Designs are kept as simple as possible and we produce DIY information to encourage other people to copy them both on this site and in leaflets given away at events.

 Updated October 2016. We're more interested in building pedal generators than Web pages

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